Episode #8 - Inspirational Dissatisfaction

Internationally renowned professional speaker and best selling author, Delatorro L. McNeal, II will feature in the next Respecting the Processepisode! He has received the highest international recognition of professional speaking excellence and has been featured on national and worldwide television networks like Fox News, NBC, BET, TBN, Daystar, Oxygen, and The Word Network as well as syndicated radio shows all across North America!

"To me 'Respecting the Process' means I have to go into this thing honoring and recognizing the fact that I’m not going to change over night, but every day I can make small steps that are going to get me better. Understanding it is a process – a metamorphosis and it's not going to happen today or tomorrow. If I’m willing to take baby steps towards my dream, there’s nothing I cant accomplish." 

Delatorro McNeal, II, Keynote Speaker

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