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Our Mission:

Our mission is to help our clients create informative content with enough positive impact to affect our audience's daily choices and overall quality of life.


Journalism Marketing:


The profession of mining for stories to produce creative, relevant & unique multimedia content that makes people aware of a company's products & services.


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Journalism Techniques

Quality journalism is executed quickly, efficiently and thoroughly with the intent to inform an audience. Our services replicate the speedy journalistic process to provide marketing services that are reliable, unique and relevant. 

Cost Efficiency

Many of our clients decide to completely outsource all of their creative video, photo and written projects to us. We help your business save important resources like time and money without sacrificing quality.

Video Marketing

Our specialty is video. We know how to make the best content in the least amount of time. From strategizing creative campaigns to video quality, we want to pleasantly surprise your business every time.

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Respecting the Process team spearheaded the marketing initiatives for my tech startup.

Their efforts aided with exceeding revenue goals, driving high-volume new user acquisition & growing our businesses.
— Peter Mankowski (CEO, Konectera)

Giving Back

Respecting the Process is striving to make this world a better place.

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Costa Rica Documentary

This is the first "Respecting the Process" video ever made. It was the video that sparked this platform and inspired RTP's original slogan, "To honour people & inspire passion."