We help leaders succeed by accelerating their communication.


Respecting the Process greatly improves our clients communication habits by providing game changing services that produce positive results.

Our edge:

Respecting the Process is pioneering Journalism Marketing

Leaders must embrace & communicate their purpose

we help businesses identify their purpose and then engage that purpose into their business.

Our services span the globe. Digital media is our specialty and our clients are everywhere.


Your medium is your message

Communication can be an incredibly inclusive, fun, informative, empowering, compelling and artistic activity.

When choosing who to work with and entrust to deliver your message to the world, it is important to know your desired results and have the right team execute the mission.

We have worked across the globe with government agencies, post secondary institutions, cities, townships, politicians, world champion athletes, technology entrepreneurs, scientists, small business owners, sole-proprietors, corporations, nonprofits and the list goes on.

Our world class strategies, multimedia productions and distribution methods have helped our clients to be broadcasted on television, gain millions of views on social media platforms, develop thousands of followers online, improve sales, generate leads, greatly enhance marketing behaviors, take branding to a new level and develop a legacy to be proud of.

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Experiential Learning

Respecting the Process is located in world class business ecosystems. Our programs plug youth directly into real world business environments and encourage participants to uncover solutions in collaborative and safe environments.


Discover purpose

Purpose is the foundation of why we do anything. People do better when they have a strong understanding of themselves and others around them. With purpose, growth becomes faster, more rewarding and helps us strive for the stars.


Learn about business

Where else can the youth in our communities regularly interact with business leaders? Our programs plugs in young and upcoming leaders to learn, work with and get to know professionals doing great things in their community.