Episode #15 - Transformational Change

The principle of Respecting the Process as explored by a psychologist. Themes expanded on in this episode include; how to begin implementing positive change into your life, making the choice to motivate yourself through difficult challenges & investing oneself into the present situation.

"For me Respecting the Process in my own life & in all the people I'm blessed enough to meet, is to realize the process is so much bigger than I am. It is our destiny. It is the 100 years - if we are ever that lucky to live on this earth. Whatever we experience, good or bad, is just a day in the life & that we need to pay attention to where we are. When we get stressed out, overwhelmed & are going through a lot of changes, take a step back & realize that there are so many forces at work that are greater than we are - which is the process. When we Respect the Process everything just falls into place. It sounds simple, but you need to just let go of what you don't have control over & be inspired by the process."

Dr. Andrea Dinardo, Psychologist 

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