Episode #14 - Sharing Imperfections

Very thought provoking episode about making conscious decisions within an individuals process & responding to circumstance. This podcast presents the empowering Sara Westbrook!

"We all go through stuff. Some people go through some crazy stuff & there’s no rhyme or reason. I think that all challenges are relevant; especially in the moment when you are facing them. Respecting the Process means taking it all in & literally being mindful of the moment. Just breathing & saying, “OK, here is where I am at. I am feeling this way, I am overwhelmed, feeling frustrated, feeling joy, excitement,” whatever it is, but just being OK with it. I am human, I am allowed to experience emotions. It’s not OK for me to hurt other people or myself because I am feeling a certain way, but I can be OK! I can make mistakes. I can get up, brush myself off & say, “Today is a new moment." Respecting the Process is all about allowing yourself to make mistakes. Allowing yourself to be human & to know that growth is a process. As long as you have that end result in mind you can make choices to get back on track. Finding things that support you & your process in that minute, well that’s really respecting yourself. If you can surround yourself with that, that would be Respecting the Process for me."

Sara Westbrook, Speaker, Singer & Songwriter

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