Episode #21 - Workin' Hard to Get Lucky

Alexander Marshall is the founder of GB Media, a video communications agency focused on helping brands create more empathetic content through understanding the context of their consumer. Recently he embarked on a new initiative, The GB Collective, a collaborative co-working space for digital creatives based right here in Kitchener-Waterloo. With this new venture he aims to bring together the tech and creative communities and forge opportunities for the two while providing mentorship, classes, networking events and more.

"To me Respecting the Process means mindfulness. It's being mindful of what the process is trying to achieve. We are human, we like to compartmentalize things, we liked to create processes - primarily because it makes us feel comfortable about the uncertain. Well, communications is all about uncertainty. It is about creating sparks of energy, creating engagements & getting your audiences excited - you can't process that. You have to look at it more as a blue print. We know we always have to listen. For me the process is making sure that the process doesn't overrule or outrun what you are trying to achieve."

Alexander Marshall, George Briggs Media

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