Respecting the Process Inc.
Respecting the Process Inc.

Kara's Smart Foods

Eat Smart


Since 1985, Kara's Smart Foods has developed relationships with local farmers, grown their own crops & empowered others to follow good food practices.


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Why Helping the Community is Important to Kara's Smart Foods

Why the Kara's are on a journey to deliver healthy food to their community.


Kara's Smart Foods Owner Gerald Kara at the Ontario Food Terminal

For the past 30 years, Greengrocer Gerald Kara, has been waking up three times a week at 1:30AM to drive an hour to Toronto and hand pick quality fruits and vegetables for his store at the Ontario Food Terminal.

The Purpose Behind Kara's Market Cafe

The Kara's added something unique and special to their new café with a nature-first philoshopy.