is this expensive? What are general costs associated with this service?

Respecting the Process is a reasonably priced service that will always exceed client expectations. Our focus is to deliver true value and be a leader in our industry in efficiency all while maintaining production value. Our goal is to grow into an internationally recognized media company and work with as many businesses as possible without sacrificing quality, respect and our brands values. Our lowest service is $75. This service is intended for anybody to be able to try our storytelling services for an exceptional rate. All of our services depend on how much time each project will take, creative and timing expectations and whether or not our services are utilized on an ongoing basis.

How do i know if respecting the process is the right fit for me, my organization &/or my team?

  • if you are busy and have many things going on, but you realize the need for quality marketing and proper messaging

  • if you do great work and wonder if you are doing enough to let people know about it

  • if you are trying to create positive marketing behavior that provides goal setting, accountability to the process and results

  • when you need communication ideas

  • if you want to ensure you are communicating at the highest possible level and demonstrating leadership

  • if you appreciate efficiency and want to communicate better

  • if you are deeply invested in your mission/purpose and need help communicating accurately with emphasis

  • if you desire to be as relevant, creative and unique as possible with your digital marketing

  • during a re-brand or a time when the business is redefining mission, vision, behaviors and values

  • if you want or need direction with your communication to achieve desired results

  • if your business needs help distinguishing mission, vision, values and direction

What amount of time & effort is required from me? will this be time consuming?

Our team always works together to execute every part of the process without distracting, infringing or causing any unnecessary effort from our clients. Respecting the Process is like communication- the more you invest, the more you receive from the experience.

Who is our ideal client & why?

Ideally Respecting the Process works with “leaders” to brainstorm creative communication strategies, create direction and then help our clients execute to achieve their goals. We define a “leader” as a person that leads a group, organization, or country that has a strong focus on purpose. We want to help people execute at an elite level by providing services that blend into your behavior and begin growing results through powerful communication methods and channels. It is our privilege to help leaders communicate at an elite level and strive toward success.