Become a Better Communicator Video Course

Become a Better Communicator Video Course

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Communication is the secret to great leadership. This 10 video course will provide insights, routines, behaviors and ideas to dramatically improve anyone’s communication today.

Respecting the Process Inc. has created a course on basic communication principles that will assist leaders and aspiring leaders to identify their goals and begin creating a positive impact.

This program has been crafted by professional communicators with experience helping hundreds of CEOs, CFOs, Presidents, tech-founders, small business owners, politicians and business leaders all over the world.

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How to Communicate Better is a 10 video course that helps anyone improve their communication skills today. This course encourages communication skill development by partnering with experienced media professionals and business leaders to share tips, routines and insights into how to communicate better.



I was thrilled to see the finished product they created for my wine & beer tour company. It demonstrates exactly what I offer and connects well to my customers. Thank you Adam Rochon and team for a great experience!
— Christine Dainard, Founder & CEO
RTP is an media company that really cares about helping those with strong purpose to succeed by improving communication! Thanks guys!
— Julia Matthews, Founder & CEO
Unbelievable, just amazing. I highly recommend the RTP team to tell your story through their lens.
— Michael Hecktus, CEO
RTP has continually impressed me with the quality and professionalism of their videos and work. In every project I’ve done with RTP they’ve gone above and beyond my expectations and delivered a 10/10!
— Craig Bongelli, Elite Trainer & Gym Owner
I strongly recommend any business to use their services for brand awareness and industry recognition.
— David Mansilla, CEO
I would recommend Respecting the Process to anyone who is looking to tell their story or add digital content to their brand.
— Joe Woodhouse, CFO
Adam and his team at Respecting the Process were great to work with.
— Mark Okkema, Co-Founder & CEO
Loved working with Adam! He is incredibly creative and professional.
— Rachel Elizabeth, Nationally Televised Television Host
Respecting the Process has continually proven to be an elite company that brings its own unique flair to every project. Working with Adam directly I have seen his drive and charisma he brings and it is truly inspiring. I would recommend Respecting the Process to anyone who wants to communicate a story through video in a top-notch way.
— Nate Kara, Social Media Expert
Truly brilliant... and exceeded our expectations.
— Tracey Johnston-Aldworth, Business Owner
Adam and his team are professional and great to work with.
— Sheryl Plouffe, Video Marketing Strategist
I was interviewed by Adam Rochon on his Respecting the Process Podcast a few years ago. The title of the podcast episode was “Transformational Change”. As a psychology professor and former school psychologist, I have a unique perspective on the individuals I work with. And there is no doubt that Adam is a rising star in journalism marketing and multimedia. He is also a gentleman in the truest sense of the word. An elevated quality that we take for granted these days. Working with him as both a student leader for Conestoga Students Inc in his early years, and more recently as a Podcast producer has been inspirational, to say the least. His professionalism, creativity, and open mindedness are a powerful combination indeed!
— Dr. Andrea Dinardo
Adam brings a fresh new perspective to the video marketing industry. His ability to meet client needs in a timely manner while not compromising artistic vision is uncanny. I’m glad to have made Adam’s acquaintance, as his services has aided me in my professional growth.
— David Ward, Social Worker
My experiences with Respecting the Process have been nothing short of phenomenal.
— Denton Daley, Professional Boxer
A modern day storyteller with less talk more action. Game changer!
— Gerald Kara, Philanthropist / CEO
We’ve worked with Adam, at Respecting The Process on several productions and he has always produced fantastic work. He’s creative, talented, driven and a pleasure to work with. Would highly recommend!!
— Vanessa & Melissa, Talk Show Hosts